Javier Vargas & Jessy Howe Present

Single Releases

Single Release
"Shake Ur Money Maker"
Out Now!
Download Here
Single Release
"Explode" 22.4.2021
Single Release
"Don't Let Fear" 14.2.2021
Second Single
"Heart Go Blind" 19.3.2021
Single Release
"Cybernetic Porkypine" 02.6.2021
Single Release
"Give Back"
Single Release
"Open Up" 02.6.2021

Album Releases

Our New Vikings of Blues Remastered Album is out now! Download Here

“Cybernetic Porkypine” is one of 16 soulution songs, that is online since 30.12.20 and is also featured on the CD compilation "Power of Music" of Switzerland, now remastered in sacred healing frequency, for you and your children! Save souls, protect children and yourself.

The first album Soul Food is out now!

Eleven songs full of magic love messages and powerful music!

Buy, stream "Soul Food": Jessysoulfood
Or order CD (30 Euros incl. post delivery):

Many thanks to:

Our label Rock Estatal Spain, Xicu Ariza
Swiss Music Export
Jean Zuber and Jaska Glowacz for promotional funds and support.
Our promoters: Myriam Imhof mypromotion.ch CH/DE
Our Internatinal promoters: Stephen Foster @Stephen's Indie Picks USA
and Catherine Campbell @CJC Promotions GB

Power of Music - Album - Out Now

Worldwide first ever CD compilation coming from Switzerland together with 12 artists for freedom! Working hard for you! With our international radio single "Cybernetic Porcypine"

Buy Now

Hand signed "Power Of Music" album
For 30 Euro (Including postal delivery)

Also see: Power of Music


Vikings of Blues -
The new collaboration of singer Jessy Howe and blues guitarist
Javier Vargas.

Their introductory EP "Magic Waters" released in June 2020 with their first album "Soul Food" released on 5 April 2021 - ten songs with powerful melodies, lyrics and riffs brought forward with the fiery soulful guitar playing of a blues man, sounds reminiscent of the 70's carried by the dark toned and heartfelt voice of a soul sirene.

Enjoy listening to the new singles "Don't Let Fear" and "Heart Go Blind" (Rock Estatal Spain) which are out now and will put to sea: "Vikings Of Blues" (Jessy Howe & Javier Vargas).

Label: rockestatal.com
Promo Myriam Imhof: my-promotion.ch
Contact: info@vikingsofblues.com jessy@jessyhowe.com

Upcoming Releases

Second Single
"Heart Go Blind" Out 19.3
Out on all platforms:

Buy the new album CD
"Soul Food" for 30 Euros
incl. post delivery

New Single "Dont Let Fear"
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To buy EP "Magic Waters" as CD with personal signature for Euro 30.00 incl. delivery by post:

EP "Magic Waters" download on all platforms: